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Meet Andy

A studio session and live hired bass player through the eighties, Andy eventually made a base in Reading in the late eighties and began the transition from Musician to engineer and stage to mixing desk at a 300 capacity club called the After Dark in Reading Berks, UK

The club was a concrete rectangular box with the worst possible mix position for that room…….back top right corner…….15 Ft above the audience. Initially supplying a live recording service using a 16 track tape machine a split stage box and a few Microphones. 

After a few months of learning to mix live recordings in a small room at home Andy got a call late one afternoon to say the PA for that nights’ show hadn’t turned up and could Andy bring down his mic’s and multicore and hook into the house speakers and fashion a PA to save the show.With no knowledge of PA systems or mixing a live show in a difficult room Andy took the challenge………….

20 years later Andy has toured the world and mixed headline live shows in venues as small as 50 capacity jazz clubs to 50,000 seater festivals.

He has over-seen audio production for live TV events and post, mixed live performances for radio/TV and the internet.

During those Year Andy has mixed everything from orchestras to voice over artists, rock bands and traditional Irish folk music.

Currently holding a position as live co ordinator for british rock band The Darkness and american celebrity Courtney Love, Andy continues to work with a variety of international acts and management as a consultant and specialist.

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